On Jesus and infinity wars: Count the cost.

*spoiler alert* So I finally watched #AvengersInfinityWar yesterday, it was epic. I learnt so much, Thanos (the villain) was strangely my best character in the movie. One moment really stuck out for me though, this conversation between Thanos and his daughter after he had acquired what he’d sought for through sacrifice and dedication(see how I … More On Jesus and infinity wars: Count the cost.

Leah’s diary

Dear diary, I really don’t like talking to anyone because nobody seems to care but I figure if I hold things in, I’ll burst one day. Life can be so draining, it’s worse when you’re female and you have a father as difficult as mine. He loves us no doubt, but I’m pretty sure he … More Leah’s diary

Sunday Jollof: The Hangover

Marcus shook his head and rubbed his eyes. He was trying really hard to stay on his two feet after last night, the headache from the hangover was still there.He threw his sunglasses back on to shield his eyes from the morning sunlight, also so nobody could tell how hungover he was.
He adjusted his reflector vest with the 2 huge words “church protocol” printed on the front and walked back into the parking lot from the church bathroom. … More Sunday Jollof: The Hangover

My Becoming Conference 2017 Experience

SoI attended my first Becoming conference hosted by The Beautified Network in 2016 and it caused a real shift in lots of areas in my life, especially my thought process. So I was honored to be able to attend this year’s conference as well, a lot of people have asked how it exactly went down, so here’s a summary of the day with all the lessons I learnt as well.
Read, digest, comment and share! … More My Becoming Conference 2017 Experience

What I’m reading: How I met God on Twitter by Mobolaji Olorisade

So when I first heard about this book “How I met God on Twitter” by Mobolaji Olorisade it was on @frances_okoro ‘s blog. I basically ran to download it because  1. The title tickled my fancy 2. I trust sister Frances’ judgement 3. I’m too ashamed to say that but… it was a free gift and … More What I’m reading: How I met God on Twitter by Mobolaji Olorisade